Hurricane Updates

Hurricane Irma in the ocean

Hurricane Maria

Our community in Fajardo, Puerto Rico has sustained minor damage from the hurricane. The good news is that no one had to be evacuated from their homes in this community. All the residents are safe and well. They have food and water as well as intermittent electricity.

Our community in St. Croix sustained some damage and is currently without running water and power but the residents and staff there are okay. Landlines, cell phones, and internet access is either not working or works intermittently. All the apartments are livable and the residents are pooling their resources together to survive this ordeal. There is a working generator on site and it is providing electricity to common areas, including the elevator.  This includes a refrigerator to house any medication the residents might need to keep refrigerated. They are being told it may be quite awhile before electricity is restored.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by all the hurricanes that have hit that region over the past weeks.

Hurricane Irma

All of our Florida and Georgia communities have made necessary repairs that have resulted in the communities being fully operational. We thank everyone for their patience and continue to keep everyone recovering from Hurricane Irma in our thoughts and prayers as they try to get their lives back to normal.

The Towers of Jacksonville, in Jacksonville, Florida is fully operational now and residents are being encouraged to move back into their apartments.

Residents of Courtenay Springs Village in Merritt Island, Florida are still dealing with a mandatory order to boil their water before using and repairs are being made to the roof of that community, but the community is fully staffed and activities have returned to normal.

Landline phones appear to still be a problem throughout the state of Florida.

If you need more information and you are unable to get a hold of a particular community, please email or message the Retirement Housing Foundation Facebook page.