Administrator of the Year 2006

Debi Holling, Administrator of the Year 2006Administrator of the Year 2006

Debi Holling
Bixby Knolls Towers
Bixby Knolls Healthcare
Long Beach, California

Deborah Holling joined the RHF team on May 4, 2001 as the Administrator for Sun City Gardens. On July 16 of the same year, she was transferred to Plymouth Tower in Riverside, where she served as Administrator until February 24, 2003, when she became the Administrator for Bixby Knolls Towers and Healthcare Center in Long Beach.

Her Regional Manager, Janice Delano, says that Debi is an excellent Administrator. She focuses entirely on the operational goals of her facility and on providing high-quality care and services for the residents and families she serves.

Debi continues to demonstrate her interest in her job, her effectiveness, initiative, persistence, adaptability, organization, reliability, trustworthiness, and dedication to Bixby Knolls Towers and Retirement Housing Foundation. Her staff, peers, supervisors, and the Residents’ Association have great respect for her.

Debi has personally rewritten the facility business plan, revised and rewritten all job descriptions, organization charts, and responsibilities, revised and restructured the work order system, implemented inventory, overtime, declining balance, and budget compliance reports, developed and implemented systems to capture additional/optional charges, set up a business center with computer, printer, and internet access for residents, created hiring guidelines inclusive of interview questions, reference checks, new employee orientation, and termination checklists for improved accuracy and compliance, and she has implemented corporate procedures of assisted living unit levels of care and assessments, information memos, Corporate Compliance, and HIPAA guidelines as distributed by the corporate office.

The Residents’ Association president writes that, “Unless Debi is in conference, her door is always open and she maintains an appropriate level of professionalism in all of her dealings.”

Retirement Housing Foundation is pleased to recognize Deborah Holling as Administrator of the Year.

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