Administrator of the Year 2008

Bob Mauer, Administrator of the Year 2008Administrator of the Year 2008

Robert Mauer
Auburn Ravine Terrace
Auburn, California

Western Healthcare Regional Manager Janice Delano writes, “Bob started his career with RHF as Administrator of Auburn Ravine Terrace (ART) near the end of 1999. Since coming to ART, he has taken the community from an operating deficit to a continuing positive bottom line.” And as we often say, if there is no margin, there is no mission. With positive cash being generated, he has continued to make major physical improvements to the ART campus. He shows great ability to manage a multi-level community with skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential units.

ART Council Members from the skilled nursing community comment, “He visits our area often. He is always friendly and takes the time to inquire how we are doing, and he extends his hands to us. He attends Resident Council meetings when invited, attempts to explain current situations, answers our questions, and tells us plans for the future.”

Council Members have said that this is the cleanest place they have ever seen, and Bob runs it well, staying on top of everything. He has an open door policy and never turns you away.

The Resident Council for the apartment side of the community says, “He administrates the organization with efficiency and congeniality. He listens to all who approach him with problems or concerns. His management makes residents feel this is their home and not just a place to live.”

Assistant Administrator Lynn Wilson-Hilliard writes, “It is not easy being at the head of any long-term care facility, but our Administrator, Bob Mauer, cheerfully takes on the challenge. The rewards are many, but it involves much hard work and dedication every day. When the public thinks of a nursing home, most of them picture what the media has splashed on the TV screen. Bad news makes for more viewers, so the problem facilities are touted as being representative of all skilled nursing homes. RHF has committed itself to help those in need especially the elderly. Auburn Ravine Terrace exemplifies this commitment. With our nearly 30 years in the community, we have always been known as the nursing home that gives the best care in the area. Bob takes seriously the job of not only maintaining, but also improving this fact.”

Auburn Ravine Terrace Board President Cindy Schiefelbein adds the board’s wholehearted support for Bob’s nomination. She says, “I personally have been familiar with ART since the late 1980’s. When Bob came to ART, he began the relentless task of turning the facility around, placing it on a firm financial foundation, taking care of needed repairs and updates, and making it, once again, the premiere three-level facility here in Auburn.”

RHF is pleased to recognize Bob Mauer as 2008 Administrator of the Year!

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