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When RHF began its Daily Prayer project, the nation was facing significant challenges due to the unknown aspects of COVID-19 and for individuals and as an organization – that we had never experienced before. 

It seemed natural that, while we were implementing the protocols that the CDC and CMS were recommended to ensure that our communities (residents and staff) remained safe, we would also rely on our faith traditions during this time of crisis.   

With quarantining restrictions in place, we thought a daily prayer might be a way of bringing spiritual solace and hope to people who might feel isolated.  Little did we know COVID-19 would last so long. 

We have heard from so many of you on how much you have appreciated receiving these prayers and we want to thank our team of volunteers who created more than 14 months of prayers for us to share. 

Now, we see movement towards getting back to “normal.” Businesses are opening up again, restrictions are being lifted (slowly in some cases) and people are being allowed to resume their lives. We feel this is a good time to discontinue the distribution of the daily prayers. The daily prayer for June 4, 2021, will be the last prayer published.  

While most of you are back to attending the church of your choice and finding community within your faith tradition, we have set up this section on RHF’s website, where we have archived all of the daily prayers and where the public will have access to them. Welcome. 

I want to take a moment to thank all the RHF team members who have worked so hard during these past 15 months, I am so proud to have worked beside all of you.   

To our residents, I want to thank you for your patience and for following the government mandates in these difficult times.  Not all staff and residents chose to get vaccinated, so we urge you to remain cautious and still wear a mask where appropriate, maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently to ensure that we continue to minimize the effect COVID is having in your community and the country.  


Continue to stay safe,  

Stuart Hartmans signature

Stuart Hartman
President & CEO
Retirement Housing Foundation 

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