Community Board Member of the Year 2012

Rev. Ray Scribner2012 Community Board Member of the Year

Rev. Ray Scribner
LaFontaine Center
Huntington, IN

Since 2001, Ray has been treasurer of the La Fontaine Center Board of Directors. He has served on the board since 1992.

A native of Maine, he served in the US Air Force from 1956 to 1960, then attended Bangor Theological Seminary and the University of Maine.

An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, he served churches in Maine, Michigan, and Indiana, retiring in January 2011, after 44 years of pastoral ministry.

Besides the La Fontaine Center Board, Ray is a member of the Huntington Exchange Club and has been the Chair of the Huntington CROP Walk for many years. He was a recipient of the Huntington Exchange Golden Deeds award in 2002. He has been a great supporter of the La Fontaine Center.

RHF is pleased to present the 2012 Local Board Member of the Year Award to Rev. Ray Scribner.

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