Community Board Member of the Year 2013

Levern Allen

2013 Community Board Member of the Year

Levern Allen
North Capitol at Plymouth
Washington, D.C.

Levern has been serving the RHF community since 2003. She began her service and was instrumental in, the development of North Capitol at Plymouth. She was a moving force in her church and the local community to help bring about North Capitol at Plymouth. Levern spent a significant amount of time going over architectural plans, speaking at briefing meetings on developments, and sharing the vision of RHF with her local community.

Levern was very involved in the startup of North Capitol at Plymouth but she also has a daily presence in the residents’ lives. She uses her background as a DC public school speech teacher to advocate for seniors on issues related to low-income housing.

Levern also works closely with the resident manager to see that the concerns of residents are recognized and addressed. Her refined communication skills and caring heart are beneficial to North Capitol residents’ health, maintenance, and informational needs. Levern’s passion and caring attitude is an inspiration to us all.

For all of her hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm RHF is pleased to present Ms. Levern Allen the 2013 Local Board Member of the Year Award.

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