Community Board Member of the Year 2016

Miles Snyder

Miles Snyder
Cathedral Pioneer Church Homes Board
Sacramento, CA

Miles Snyder is the longest actively-serving board member to serve on a local community board, serving on the board of Pioneer House in Sacramento, California.

“I was there from the very early days,” he notes. “It is wonderful to see how RHF has grown, yet held onto its values of service to its residents and their larger communities.”

Sacramento was the site of the first church-related, non-profit, affordable senior housing projects in California. In the late 1960s, leaders of two historic congregations, Pioneer Congregational (UCC) and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, formed Cathedral Pioneer Church Homes. They partnered with government officials to leverage public funds to construct both Trinity House and Pioneer House. RHF (then a small operation) was soon brought in as management. Miles joined the local Board in 1972, as it successfully built Pioneer Tower.

Miles’ strong commitment springs directly from his faith: “I have a heartfelt Christian commitment to serve the residents of these homes and their loved ones.” He is convinced that providing safe, caring, and affordable housing for seniors and the disabled makes life better for all.

Miles warmly reflects on his work with many outstanding leaders, including Joe Murray, Rex Chapman, Merrill Whittier, Donald W. King, and Dr. Laverne Joseph.

A Yale and U.C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall) graduate, Miles has maintained a one-man law practice in Sacramento for 55 years. He remains active at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and historical societies. He was Founding President of the Sacramento County Public Library Foundation.

RHF is pleased to present L. Miles Snyder with the 2016 Local Community Board Member of the Year Award.

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