Community Board Member of the Year 2018

Jane Roach
Auburn Ravine Terrace
Auburn, CA

Jane Roach has served five consecutive terms on the Board of Auburn Ravine Terrace (ART) in Auburn, California. As an ART Board member, she has taken an active part in their endeavors which have included duties as Acting Board Chair during transitions from one Board Chair to the next.

Jane was the primary initiator of a task force formed to revise the ART Board Bylaws, a multi-year effort that is currently being finalized. As a result of changes, recruiting new members onto the Board has become easier.

Jane has become the in-house ART historian through several difficult transitions, providing guidance and direction consistent with the vision of the founders of ART.

Jane’s musical ability is apparent when she is playing the piano for various activities. She performs with her quartet at numerous events, and brings her choirs that she is a member of to ART to entertain the residents throughout the year.

She has taken on the responsibility of scheduling local ministers for Vespers, Bible Study and ART’s quarterly Memorial Service.

For the past five years, Jane has focused her Board activities toward building a closer relationship between ART and the First Congregational Church, which has included creating an ART Benevolent Fund that is managed by the Placer Community Foundation and is intended for the benefit of ART residents.

RHF is pleased to present Joan Roach with the 2018 Local Community Board Member of the Year Award.

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