Joanne Silva

Joanne SilvaVice President of Occupancy and Tax Credit Compliance
Retirement Housing Foundation

Joanne Silva joined Retirement Housing Foundation in December 1988 as the Accounts Payable Supervisor. Joanne was promoted to Accounts Payable Manager and in May of 2004 added on the responsibilities of managing the Occupancy Department. Joanne obtained certifications in Occupancy compliance, Rural Development compliance, and Tax credit compliance. As the demands in the accounts payable and occupancy department grew, Joanne turned her focus solely on the Occupancy Department and was promoted to Director of Occupancy and Tax Credit in August 2011 and Vice President of Occupancy and Tax Credit Compliance in August 2020.

Joanne oversees the organization’s monthly processing of more than 8500 Section 8 subsidy billings and directs the processing of applicant rental applications, annual tenant certifications, and recertification’s to ensure qualification and compliance for subsidized and tax credit programs. Joanne coordinates and monitors the progress of the annual renewal submissions for over 130 HAP and PRAC contract renewals to ensure continued subsidized financing. Joanne reviews and prepares responses for applicant appeals and provides training to field staff on occupancy requirements as well as implementing changes in regulations.

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