300 Main

What type of housing is 300 Main? Is it low-income?

300 Main is a subsidized housing community for seniors 62 years and older with 3 modified apartments for those 18+ with mobility impairments. The term “subsidized housing” means that a resident of the community pays approximately 30% of their adjusted gross income as rent and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pays the remainder, up to total contract rent, on behalf of the resident in the form of assistance payments. 300 Main has 19 One bedroom and 7 Studio apartments.

How is rent calculated?

Resident rent is based on approximately 30% of income. A good estimate of your rent would be to take 30% of your gross annual income and divide it by 12 months. This will give you an estimate of what your monthly rent could be.

I only get Social Security as income, do I qualify to live at 300 Main?

The income maximums for 300 Main are:

One Person Household:  $25,750 annually

Two Person Household:  $29,400 annually

The above amounts are the maximum you are allowed to make per year to qualify to live at 300 Main.

Is there a lease?

Yes. The first term of the lease is 12 months. After the initial period, the lease converts to a month to month term.

How many apartments are there?

300 Main has 25 rentable apartments.

How do I get started with the move-in process?

Contact 300 Main at 503-630-2357 to obtain an application.

Is there a waiting list for residency?

Yes. However, the waiting time is currently very short. Everyone that is interested in applying for an apartment at 300 Main is strongly encouraged to start the application process by calling 503-630-2357.

Do you allow pets?

300 Main welcomes you to bring your pets along with you. Birds and fish are welcomed without a pet deposit. Small dogs and cats are welcomed with a pet deposit. There is a limit of one pet per household (cat or dog) with specific size, weight, and breed restrictions.

What is the Pet Deposit?

At 300 Main the pet deposit is $150.00. A $50.00 initial payment is accepted and a minimum of $10.00 monthly thereafter until the deposit is paid in full.

Is there an elevator?

Yes. 300 Main is two-stories. We have an elevator in the center of the building, convenient for all upstairs residents.

Are there on-site laundry facilities?

300 Main offers coin, debit, or credit card operated laundry facilities on the main floor.