Desert Sage Manor

Q: How much rent will I pay?

A: Desert Sage Manor is a subsidized property.  Your rent is 30% of your adjusted income.

Q: What utilities are included in the rent?

A: Water, sewer, garbage and electric are included with the rent.

Q: Do you have cable TV?

A: Each unit has cable in the living room and bedroom.  There is an additional monthly charge of $23 for expanded basic cable TV. You can add additional channels if you wish.  The additional channel charge will be billed directly to you from the cable company.

Q: I am not 62, but I am disabled.  Do I qualify to live at Desert Sage?

A: You must be 62 or older for you application to be considered, regardless of disability.

Q: What are some other qualifications?

A: HUD sets up maximum income limits which vary from year to year.  Please call the office for more information on income limits.

Q: Do you have caregiving or housekeeping staff?

A: We have no care giving or housekeeping staff.  However, we will assist you in finding any help you need.  Medicaid does help cover the cost of caregivers for those who qualify.

Q: Do you have a transportation van?

A: No we do not.  There are medical transportation services and also 2 local taxi companies.

Q: Can I have more than one personal car parked in the parking lot.

A: We have limited spaces so we can not allow more than one car per resident.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Yes.  We do allow for small pets. There is a $150 refundable pet deposit. Dogs:  Maximum number:  one (1).  Maximum size:  25 lbs. (adult size) Minimum age:  one (1) year, NO PUPPIES.  Must be spayed or neutered.  Documented distemper and rabies shots.  Cats:  Maximum number:  one (1).  Maximum size:  15 lbs.  Minimum age:  one (1) year, NO KITTENS.  Must be spayed or neutered.  Documented distemper and rabies shots.  Birds:  Maximum number:  two (2).  Wings must be clipped;  Fish:  Maximum aquarium size, 20 gallons; OR Rodents: Such as hamsters, guinea pigs, or rabbits.No reptiles, except small turtles in a bowl or aquarium are allowed. Monkeys or other exotic or undomesticated animals of any type will not be allowed.  Service animals are exempt.