Mac Arthur Park Tower

We hope this section helps answer a few of the questions you may have. If you have a question not covered in this section, or if you would like more information please call Mac Arthur Park Tower at 213-382-8395. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Q:  What type of housing is Mac Arthur Park Tower?  Is it low income housing?

A:  Mac Arthur Park Tower is a subsidized housing community for seniors over the age of 62 and the mobility/sensory impaired.  The term “subsidized housing” means that the rent is based on income.  A resident of the community pays approximately 30% of their income as rent.

Q:  Who pays the remainder of rent?

A:  The remainder of the rent is paid in the form of a subsidy.  If a resident qualifies for a subsidy, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a U.S. government agency, will pay the remainder of the rent.

Q:  How is rent calculated?

A:  Resident rent is based on approximately 30% of income.  A good estimate of your rent would be to take 30% of your gross annual income and divide it by 12 months.  This will give you an estimate of what your monthly rent could be.

Q:  What does the rent include?

A:  Monthly rental of the apartment and utilities such as (heat, water and electricity).

Q:  Is there a lease?

A:  Yes, there is a one-year lease, but we understand the necessity of unanticipated move-outs.

Q:  How many apartments are there?

A:  Mac Arthur Park Tower has 183 apartments.

Q:  How big are the apartments?

A:  Mac Arthur Park Tower offers spacious one-bedroom apartments which are approximately 528” square feet.

Q:  How do I get started with the move in process?

A:  Simply fill out an application completely, sign it and mail it to the address on the back of the application.

Q:  Is there a waiting list for residency?

A:  Yes, currently Mac Arthur Park Tower has a waiting list, that is now closed.

Q:  What is the Security Deposit?

A:  The Security Deposit is the same as one month’s full rent. This deposit is due in full at the signing of the lease.  

Q:  Do you allow pets?

A:  Mac Arthur Park Tower welcomes you to bring your pets along with you.  Fish and birds are welcomed without a deposit.  We also welcome small dogs and cats with a pet deposit.  There is a limit of one animal (cat or dog) per apartment and there are certain size and breed restrictions.

Q:  What is the Pet Deposit?

A:  The pet deposit is the same amount as the security deposit with a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $300.  We can make payment arrangements for this deposit.  Beginning with $50 and then a monthly payment of $10 until the deposit is paid in full.

Q:  Is there additional storage space available?

A:  There is no additional storage available at Mac Arthur Park Tower.

Q:  Is there an elevator?

A:  Yes, there are two elevators located in the center of the building easily accessible by all residents, on all floors.  

Q:  Is parking available?

A:  Yes, Mac Arthur Park Tower offers its residents the use of one parking lot with 56 parking spaces in the front of the building.

Q:  What is the cost for parking?

A:  There is no cost for parking.  

Q:  How many keys do I receive?

A:  Residents receive an apartment key, a key to a locked mailbox for their apartment, and an access key to the main entry.  Our main entrances are intercom controlled and automatically open with the key.  

Q:  Are there any planned activities?

A:  Mac Arthur Park Tower has various activities such as singing, yoga and arthritis exercise class. Bible study and church on Sundays.  Haircuts service once a month. Cell phone and computer class once a week.

Q:  Are there on-site laundry facilities?

A:  There is one laundry room at Mac Arthur Park Tower. Washers and dryers are coin operated, with folding and hanging areas and a wash sink for the convenience of our residents. The laundry room is located on the ground floor.

Q:  What is the garbage/recycling process?

A:  There is a trash room on each floor of the building specifically for garbage/recycling purposes.  Inside, there is a chute to dispose of trash directly into a dumpster.  There are labeled bins for all recyclables.  

Q:  Is there any public transportation available?

A:  Yes, there is public transportation around the property, there is the access service for the residents too.