Madison Avenue Apartments

We hope this section helps answer a few of the questions you may have. If you have a question not covered in this section, or if you would like more information, please call Madison Avenue Apartments 970-669- 3271. We look forward to hearing from you!

Q: What type of housing is Madison Ave.?
A: Affordable Family

Q: Do we accept Housing Voucher’s?
A: Yes

Q: What does the rent include?
A: All Utilities except Cable and Phone

Q: Is there a lease?
A: Yes, there is a one-year lease, but we understand the necessity of unanticipated move-outs.

Q: How many apartments are there?
A: 59 units: 13, 1-Bedrooms; 36, 2-Bedrooms; and 10, 3-Bedrooms

Q: How big are the apartments?
A: 1-Bedrooms: 650 Sq. Ft.; 2-Bedrooms: 850 Sq. Ft.; 3-Bedrooms: 1,050 Sq. Ft.

Q: How do I get started with the move-in process?
A: Simply fill out an application completely, sign it and mail it to the address on the back of the application.

Q: Is there a waiting list for residency?
A: Yes, currently Madison Ave. has a waiting list. Please call for the approximate waiting time.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: Madison Ave. welcomes your pet along with you. Fish and birds are welcomed without a deposit. We also welcome a small dog or a cat with a pet deposit. There is a limit of one animal (cat or dog) per apartment and there are certain size and breed restrictions.

Q: What is the Pet Deposit?
A: The refundable pet deposit is $250. Payment arrangements can be made for this deposit. Beginning with $50 and then a monthly payment of $20 until the deposit is paid in full.

Q: Is there additional storage space available?
A: There is no additional storage available, however, each style of apartment offers some storage space.

Q: Is parking available?
A: Yes, Madison Ave. has a parking lot for each building.

Q: What is the cost for parking?
A: There is no cost for parking.

Q: How many keys do I receive?
A: Residents receive one key unless you are in a family unit then you will receive two.

Q: Are there on-site laundry facilities?
A: There is a laundry facility in main entry of every building.

Q: Is there any public transportation available?
A: There is a public transportation at the corner of complex.