Mission – Vision – Philosophy

The Mission of RHF

The Mission of RHF (Retirement Housing Foundation), a national non-profit organization, is to provide various housing options and services for older adults, low-income families, and persons with disabilities in an environment which enhances their quality of life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

RHF is committed to serving its residents and their local communities.

The Vision of RHF

The Vision of RHF (Retirement Housing Foundation) is a society in which all persons have quality, affordable housing thus reducing the difficult choices which would otherwise need to be made between the basic necessities of life.

Philosophy and Values

  • RHF is faith-based and mission-driven.
  • RHF believes each person is a loved child of God and as such, each person is to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • RHF is proud of their roots in, and our relationship with, the United Church of Christ, however, RHF honors the faith and traditions of every religion and the nonreligious, and RHF will not attempt to impose their faith on others.
  • RHF advocates for public policies which enhance the lives of those they seek to serve.
  • RHF will be ethical in business arrangements and will strive to hold our vendors to the same high standards.
  • RHF’s concern for the whole person includes residents, their families, and staff, and RHF strives to be fair in all relationships.
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