President’s Award 2019

Alice SextonAlice Sexton, Advisory Commission – Chair

Alice Sexton has served on the RHF Advisory Commission for more than 20 years. Her energy and enthusiasm for RHF’s Mission is reflected in the time and effort she puts into her position as Advisory Commission Chair.

She has been the catalyst of many a good idea.

Two projects that she has been extensively involved in recent years has been the In The Kitchen with RHF recipe book and the launching of Community Library and Resource Centers in RHF family communities.

Once a year, RHF’s National Board and Advisory Commission visit a number of RHF communities somewhere in the country and her experience during those visits was the motivation for coming up with the idea of creating a cookbook which would feature time-tested recipes from our residents. Communities held contests and submitted one recipe each and then Alice got to work; interviewing those whose recipes would be published in the recipe book and going over the recipe to make sure it made sense in print. If you are around Alice for any time at all – don’t be surprised if she offers to sell you a recipe book!

Professionally, Alice spent her life in the classroom as a teacher. She has seen the power that a book can bring to a young person’s life. When an RHF community in Wisconsin installed a community library, Alice motivated the Advisory Commission to donate books to it. Working with the Philanthropy department staff, that idea morphed into creating a library in every family community in the RHF portfolio and the Community Library and Resource Center was born.

Keep those ideas coming, Alice!

RHF is pleased to present Alice Sexton with the 2019 President’s Award.

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