Resident of the Year 2013

Tina Pallitto2013 Resident of the Year

Tina Pallitto
Marymount Manor
Tacoma, WA

Tina exemplifies the immense amount of love, dedication, and commitment that it takes to serve a community. Tina has been a resident at Marymount Manor since 1999 and the community would not be the same without her great dedication and hard work.
She is welcoming and helpful to new residents in her Marymount Manor community. She goes above and beyond to make sure her neighbors’ needs are met. Sometimes this includes rides to medical appointments, hairdresser appointments, and the food bank for grocery shopping. She will even take the time to use her sewing talents to help hem the slacks of a friend. No matter how big or small a need might be, Tina is there to meet it.

Tina exemplifies excellent stewardship and works to maintain the condition of her community facilities. She often cleans and decorates common areas to make them extra special for each holiday season. Tina helps with inventories, stocking and cleaning common area supplies. Amidst the hurried busyness of community gatherings, Tina is always welcoming and greets her neighbors with a big heart and a great smile.

Tina’s enthusiasm and helpfulness extend to her church community and local neighborhood. In September, she can be found getting things ready for a school supply give away. During this event, she distributes school supplies to children in need. Not only does Tina help give supplies, she is also there to give the children words of encouragement. Tina displays an intense love and dedication to both young and old, and she will often be found visiting the sick and caring for the elderly.

Tina is an exemplary volunteer who models a giving spirit. RHF is pleased to present Ms. Tina Pallitto with the 2013 Resident of the Year Award.

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