Resident of the Year 2017

Shirley 'Bunny' WestonShirley “Bunny” Weston
Bishop’s Glen Retirement Community
Holly Hill, FL

Shirley and her husband, Roger moved to Bishop’s Glen in 2005 but that wasn’t the beginning of her RHF story. Her mother had been a resident at Bishop’s Glen from 1984 until her death in 1992.

At 88, Bunny manages our in-house TV channel 732, collecting information for the slides and uploading it to the broadcast. Then, seven days a week she is in the Recreation office twice a day making sure the system reflects the appropriate information and music.

As the BG Choir Director, she ensures they are ready for the 60+ performances a year; each performance takes practice which Bunny holds on Saturday mornings. Not done yet, she also holds Stretch and Flex classes twice a week; she chooses movies for the Sunday matinee, Saturday nights she helps with Bingo, Sundays find her gathering residents for the Presbyterian church bus she organizes to come here.

Monthly she interviews and writes articles about various residents on campus for our Gazette newsletter. She reviews publications and lets us know of issues, suggesting things in a timely manner that have been done in the past which we might want to consider.

RHF is pleased to present Shirley “Bunny” Weston with the 2017 Resident of the Year Award.

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