RHF Leadership

The board of directors of Retirement Housing Foundation currently consists of 13 volunteers who spend approximately 30 days out of each year in service to RHF. They call various parts of the United States home, ranging from the hills of Vermont to the Hawaiian Islands.

These directors are dedicated to RHF’s mission, and they bring a variety of life experiences ranging from property appraisal, insurance, clergy, property development and construction, accounting, graphic arts and professional photography, medicine, business, and law. Some are currently practicing in their fields of expertise, while others are recently retired.

These volunteers, together with the senior and general staff at RHF, work tirelessly to make RHF one of the nation’s largest providers of affordable housing, continually investigating ways to expand RHF’s programs to those in need.

Retirement Housing Foundation board of directors:

Chair – Rev. David Moyer
Vice-Chairs – Rev. Dr. Norma DeSaegher and Jeff Pollock
Treasurer – Donald G. Hart
Directors – Raymond East, Christina E. Potter, Dr. John Bauman, Catherine Collinson, David Ethington, Andrew Bunn, and Brian Koide.

Retirement Housing Foundation Executive Staff:

President – Stuart Hartman
Senior Vice President & General Counsel – Robert Amberg
Vice President of Human Resources – Nada Battaglia
Vice President of Healthcare Operations – David Napierskie
Vice President of Communications – Chris Ragon
Vice President of Treasury – CIO (Chief Investment Officer) – Brian Magnone
CFO and Vice President, Finance – Frank Rossello
Vice President of Philanthropy – Stephanie Titus
Director of Corporate Records and Corporate Secretary – Laura Fox Buchan
Executive Secretary and Manager of Administrative Services – Arlene Lacayo

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