Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is required when your loved one requires care that is best provided by a medical professional.

Our skilled nursing communities address each individual’s personal needs; an individualized care plan is developed based on input received from the resident and their family, the attending physician, and our staff. The plan is continuously updated, depending on the resident’s changing health condition.

Depending on the community, we have a variety services available in our Skilled Nursing or Healthcare Centers, such as:

Short-term Rehabilitation – For those who do not need the intensity of Hospital care, but are not quite ready to go home after a medical event.
Long-term Care – For those who require ongoing, 24 hour medical care.
Outpatient Therapy – For those who are well on the road to recovery and have returned home, but will continue to benefit from therapy services to return to their highest attainable level of functionality.
Hospice – Healthcare focused on keeping the patient comfortable once the patient and physician have decided that the underlying condition can no longer be treated or cured. Hospice staff members help manage pain and symptoms, and they provide emotional and spiritual support.



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