Social Services Coordinator of the Year

While subsidized housing (the HUD 202 program) has been in existence for more than 50 years, the Social Service Coordinator position has only been in existence for less than 20 years. Now, for many, it is hard to imagine what residents did before the position existed.

The Social Service Coordinator’s main goal is to empower the residents of their community with the ability to live an independent lifestyle. They are creative individuals whose role varies with the needs of those they help.

They are investigators, researching the types of services that their residents may use, need, or want. They help residents obtain needed equipment and devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, talking books, etc. They try to locate free or reduced-cost providers of services for their residents.

They are educators; bringing information regarding health and wellness into the community; informing residents on how to apply for available services and benefits; keeping staff up-to-date on any aging-in-place issues a resident may have.

They are builders of the community; mediating disputes among residents; facilitating support groups within the community itself. They are links between community agencies and service providers and residents. They provide resource directories for residents, their families and community staff.

They are advocates for their residents within the communities they live and the larger community they live in.

The service they provide is invaluable for both the residents and RHF.

Social Services Coordinator of the Year Awardee

2020 – Karleen Davis
2019 – Tammy Schendler
2018 – Ricardo Justiniano
2017 – DeLisa Harrington
2016 – Christy Sadler

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