Social Services Coordinator of the Year 2019

Tammy Shendler
Abbey Apartments
Indianapolis, IN

Tammy Shendler started with RHF in 2001 and became a Service Coordinator in March of 2006, working at a number of different properties before being assigned to Abbey Apartments.

Tammy is known for her incredibly positive attitude and her contagious happiness. During her time as a Service Coordinator, Tammy has made a point of constantly working to establish stronger relationships and additional connections with various government agencies in order to ensure that she is aware of any program or service that may benefit the residents of Abbey Apartments.

Of her experiences with Tammy, Abbey Apartments resident Noussa Kaddis said, “She is always willing to help on any issue I have. She explains the problem to me very well and helps me find solutions to my problems. I appreciate her very, very much!”

RHF is pleased to present Tammy Shendler with the 2019 Social Service Coordinator of the Year Award.

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