Social Services Coordinator of the Year 2016

Christy SadlerChristy Sadler
Towne Creek Apartments
McKinney, TX

Christy Sadler began employment with RHF as a part-time Service Coordinator at Pecan Place Apartments in Bonham, Texas in July of 2007. When she heard about the opening at Towne Creek Apartments in McKinney, she joined that team in September of 2008. She splits her week between both communities.

Over the course of the last year, Christy has arranged for health fairs at each community, advocated for her residents when the city bus route was going to be eliminated at both locations and successfully got them reinstated. Knowing how lonely the holidays can be for some, she secured Easter baskets and Thanksgiving baskets for her residents. She arranged for local girl scouts to come in and interact with her residents.

When the TV went out at Towne Creek and the DVD player went missing she e-mailed all of Towne Creek’s contacts and the McKinney fire dept. donated a TV and an anonymous donor provided a new DVD player.

When Christmas came around, she again e-mailed contacts and secured a Christmas tree for Towne Creek. She advocated and got Towne Creek signed up as a meal congregate site with Meals on Wheels.

Christy has performed a variety of services for her residents in a multitude of areas, including; advocacy, assessments, benefits/entitlements/insurance, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, education/employment, family support, general information and referral, healthcare/services, home management, homemaker, isolation intervention, lease education, monitoring services, outreach, resident councils, tax preparation, and transportation.

Both of Christy’s managers state that she is a continual resource both for them and the residents. Christy exudes a calm, professional personality that both residents and staff appreciate. She is available at both sites when a crisis erupts and she is just a phone call away for both property managers at all times.

RHF is pleased to present Christy Sadler with the 2016 Social Service Coordinator of the Year Award.

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