Social Services Coordinator of the Year 2018

Ricardo Justiniano
Fajardo Housing for the Elderly
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Ricardo Justiniano has been the Service Coordinator at Fajardo Elderly Housing for 14 years. He assists, inspires and encourages residents by assuring their needs are met through identifying those needs, coordinating and providing services that allow them to “age in place.”

Ricardo consistently brings into his community speakers and agencies to educate his residents on: depression, personal finance, controlling anxiety and panic attacks, hurricane preparedness, crime prevention, suicide prevention and nutrition.

Ricardo has been able to secure two student volunteers to assist his residents with light cleaning and organization if residents need assistance.

After the hurricane, Ricardo checked on his residents’ wellbeing on a daily basis, making sure they had access to food, water and any other necessities. He brought his residents education on How To Stay Positive and assisted the staff in preparing for a celebration which encompassed residents, residents’ families, 1st responders and close Fajardo neighbors.

“Ricardo is a very warm, helpful, humble and responsible human being,” says Carmen Feliciano (Fajardo resident). “He’s always more than willing to help us and he gives us seniors the attention we need.”

RHF is pleased to present Ricardo Justiniano with the 2018 Social Service Coordinator of the Year Award.

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