Volunteer of the Year 2010

Donna Cawthon2010 Volunteer of the Year

Donna Cawthon
Ingleside Manor
Macon, Georgia

Donna was nominated by the residents and staff of Ingleside Manor. She manages Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Macon, Georgia. One of her first jobs after high school was working in a nursing home. “My mama also worked at a nursing home and oftentimes I would take her lunch and visit with the residents,” she said. When her good friend Vicky Ellis came to Macon in 2006 to open Ingleside Manor, which was still under construction, she asked Donna if she could interview residents in the private dining room where Donna managed her cousin’s restaurant, Fresh Air Bar-B-Que. When Donna agreed, she had the opportunity to meet all the first residents of Ingleside Manor, become friends with them, and start volunteering.

Donna sometimes calls the Bingo games for residents. She also donated a cart for them to use when they go grocery shopping. Whenever the residents’ association has a raffle, she donates a $25 gift card to Fresh Air Bar-B-Que along with gift certificates from local beauticians and restaurants. She donates food anytime the residents have a lunch or dinner party in the community. Whenever Fresh Air Bar-B-Que has catering, she always brings any leftover chicken and ribs to the residents at Ingleside Manor. Over the years, she has donated a massive amount of food.

Donna is a very generous and caring person. If anyone is in need, she will help them in any way she can. She even paid for one resident’s prescription glasses when the resident could not afford to buy them herself. She has bought groceries for residents when she found they were in need, and she even bought a new mattress for a resident who didn’t have a bed. The residents here will tell you that Donna “has a heart of gold and will give you the shirt off her back.” They feel lucky to have a person like Donna who loves them as a mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend. The residents are very grateful and appreciative of all the support, love, and generosity they receive from Donna, and they believe that life would not be the same without her.

RHF is pleased to recognize Donna Cawthon as 2010 Volunteer of the Year.

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