Volunteer of the Year 2011

Anita and Forest Wasson2011 Volunteer of the Year

Anita and Forest Wasson
Mayflower Gardens Retirement Community
Lancaster, California

Ginny Beaver, activity director at Mayflower Gardens Retirement Community writes, “Twelve years ago, Anita and Forest Wasson and members of the Quartz Hill First Four Square Church began their food ministry out of their home. In the beginning, they were feeding three families a week. Now, about 1,200 people benefit from their efforts each month. They have expanded to serving three mobile home parks, members of the First Four Square Church, and the very fortunate residents of Mayflower Gardens. At Christmastime, they visit the mobile home parks and provide a complete Christmas dinner, party, and toys for the children.

“Anita works six days a week picking up donations from Albertson’s, Vons, and Winco grocery stores, and she travels to downtown Los Angeles receiving donations from the food bank. She has over 30 volunteers who now help with this ministry. In the beginning, they only delivered loaves of bread and canned foods. Now with cash donations from church members, they are able to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats. They are very important to the residents of this community. We are truly blessed to have been chosen to receive their kindness.”

More than 50 residents signed their names to a letter that read, “With our economy and the financial integrity of our nation in question, our seniors struggle with many issues. Issues such as the severe increases in medical health costs, housing costs, and food prices are constantly on the minds of seniors, not only in California but across the nation. The tenants of Mayflower Gardens have been provided with food, free of charge, donated by various stores in the area, each and every week. The Four Square Church group has graciously volunteered their time and effort to collect and organize this food collection in order to ensure persons in this facility do not have to make the tough choice between buying food or buying medications. Each week, on Friday afternoon, they promptly show up and organize our ‘game room’ so that each person who has the need can bag their allotment in an orderly manner. They are always on time and very friendly.”

RHF thanks Forest and Anita Wasson for what they do, not only for the residents of Mayflower Gardens but the entire Quartz Hill community.

RHF is pleased to recognize Anita and Forest Wasson as 2011 Volunteers of the Year.

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