Volunteer of the Year 2019

Marlene OlsenMarlene Olsen
La Mirada Vistas
La Mirada, CA

Marlene has been actively volunteering at La Mirada Vistas since 2009. Whether it is leading a group of residents in Chair Chi Class, checking in on ill residents, remembering their birthdays or acting as the liaison between the community and City Hall, Marlene’s commitment to La Mirada Vista residents has been significant over the last decade.

Every Wednesday you will find her teaching an ESL class to a diverse group of residents and twice a week she is teaching Chair Chi classes. She organized a Neighborhood Watch meeting for the residents and the City of La Mirada. She finds out about community events and then makes sure there is transportation to the events for all the residents.

Marlene always has a positive attitude and is a very compassionate person.

Marlene turned 80 this year but subscribes to what the gerontologists in London have said (yes, Dr. Joseph, she listened to your talk at La Mirada’s celebration for RHF’s 55th Anniversary) that England now considers 80 to be the new 60!

RHF is pleased to present Marlene Olsen with the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award.

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