Web Accessibility

The Retirement Housing Foundation believes in providing a website that is available to everyone, including the growing senior population and those with diverse abilities.

We are committed to doing regular reviews and modifications of our sites in order to improve the accessibility for people with disabilities, and compatibility with assistive technology.

We welcome your questions, comments and feedback to address any issues you may encounter and to increase accessibility to our website experiences.

If you need any assistance while visiting the Retirement Housing Foundation site, or if you have problems getting access to material and/or would like further information regarding retirement housing, please call 562-257-5100.

TDD: 1-800-545-1833 x359

We believe in staying up to date with accessibility standards. Internet Explorer (IE11) does not support these present-day technical standards, hence we strongly recommend using another browser if you are using assistive technology.

If you have specific questions, recommendations or concerns about the accessibility of the RHF web page, please contact Yolocare Websites at support@yolocare.com. If you are reporting an accessibility issue with our website, please be sure to specify the page URL in your email.

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