Executive Team

Our leaders have a tremendous amount of experience in the affordable
housing field.

Whether it is serving on the boards of national non-profit associations
helping craft national standards and policy for the affordable housing
industry or speaking to groups across the country– our executive team
members are recognized by their peers as leaders in their field.

Stuart Hartman
President & CEO

Robert Amburg

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Andre Perry

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Frank Rossello, CFO & VP of Finance

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance
Brian Magnone
Chief Investment Officer and Vice President of Treasury
Stephanie Titus
Vice President of Philanthropy and Chief Strategic Officer
Nada Battaglia
Vice President of Human Resources
Yuri Escandon
Vice President of Affordable Housing Operations
Team image coming soon
Vice President of Development and Acquisitions
Kevin Gilchrist
Vice President of Development Finance
David Napierskie
Vice President of Healthcare Operations
Chris Ragon
Vice President of Communications
Joanne Silva
Vice President of Occupancy and Tax Credit Compliance
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